06 June 2009

Welcome to Apricosa

After years of thinking about culinary blogging, I finally have decided to to launch my own blog, Apricosa. This blog will be a venue for writing and sharing about my enjoyment of healthy California cooking with inspiration drawn from my Italian heritage, my garden, and my friends.

Summertime is just around the corner, and for me that means an abundant season of harvest is just beginning in my garden. As I peek out my window, I see the sunny, orange blush of apricots clustered on my apricot tree, the fuyu persimmon tree in full leaf, lemons dangling in ridiculous abundance, and grape vines curling all over the place. Every time I step out into my garden, whether it be to pick some of the organic fruits and vegetables, or to snip some herbs for dinner, or simply to soak in some sunshine, I am deeply renewed and refreshed. Thus, the name of my blog--Apricosa--a reminder of my California Eden.


Kenneth Chan said...

Best wishes for your venture into culinary blogging!

Unknown said...

Now that the school year has ended and my classroom is almost cleaned out, I finally got to reading your blog, Erica. I'm planning to plant a garden as one of my first retirement activities. Your blog has already inspired me to get going on it! I'll be planting onions, sure...

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