14 September 2009

Cantaloupe Coolers!

Mmmm, a cool, lightly-sweet treat of a drink! I love this new combination of flavors...and I've been enjoying it a lot lately as a thirst-quencher after gardening in the warm sun or after rock-climbing. It easily transforms into a pleasing happy hour drink, too, by just adding a splash of vodka.

Cantaloupe Cooler

2 cups cubed cantaloupe
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 quart chilled club soda

Puree cantaloupe with an immersion stick blender (which I find makes it easier to chase the unblended chunks of fruit) or in a regular blender. Pour melon into a fine-meshed sieve and collect juice, stirring melon pulp to help release juice. Discard pureed solids. Mix lemon and melon juices together in a pitcher. Chill well. (Can be stored in refrigerator, covered up to 3 days.)

Just before serving, slowly add the juice to the club soda. (Note: avoid pouring the soda into the juice, as this will produce some not-so-pleasant orange foam!)


Unknown said...

Hey Erica, just wanted to let you know that I tried this today. It was great! Very refreshing. ...I cheated, though. I added a bit of grenadine to sweeten it up a bit (I stole that idea from you semifreddo post!).

erica said...

oh I'm so glad you liked this! A little extra kick of sweetness and color from the grenadine is a great idea!

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