11 October 2009

Just enjoyed an exquisite lunch recently, featuring a lot of great produce from my garden. My eggplants, tomatoes, and basil are thriving beautifully, and I am loving it! This spring, don't forget to plant yourself some tomato plants...you might spend more on homegrown tomatoes (factoring in the cost of water here in Santa Barbara) but you will never, ever be able to buy tomatoes with such taste from the store, even if they're locally grown. The flavor of minutes-off-the-vine tomato can't be beat! I made a quick and easy salad of roasted eggplant slices (they get so creamy in the center!) layered with tomato over a bed of greens. Then I sprinkled balsamic vinegar, fresh corn kernels, torn basil, and crumbly goat cheese over and finished it off with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Life tastes pretty good about now.

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