25 May 2010

A Chianti Cacciatore

After enjoying "Hunter's Chicken Stew" at the house of some friends months ago, I went and hunted up the recipe they used (by Jamie Oliver) to make it at home.  If you love wine, you'll love this version of pollo alla cacciatore; half a bottle of chianti goes into the stew!  The red tomato sauce gets a subtle extra dimension of flavor from anchovies and the scents of fresh rosemary, and the chicken becomes entrancingly fragile after hours of slow-cooking.

I essentially followed Jamie's recipe, but used boneless chicken breast cut in pieces (rather than bone-in chicken pieces) and completed the entire cooking process on the stovetop (rather than in the oven, as his recipe directs).  Healthy food, easy to make.  And amazingly fall-apart-under-your-fork-tender chicken.

Enjoy with some pane toscano and a nice glass of wine!


Lior Lavy said...

Wow that looks amazing!

Linn @ Swedish Home Cooking said...

That looks like a really authentic and luscious home cooked food. Love it!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, congratulations on the top 9, I'm glad I found your blog, love your photos!

erica said...

Aw thanks guys! So happy you enjoy the post!

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