08 February 2012

Valentine's Ice Cream & Pizzelle Party!

Valentine's Day is coming soon, and whether or not you're celebrating with a valentine of your own, you should definitely treat yourself to a little something special.  Why not?  We are--each of us--worth it!

For some reason I keep thinking back on the pizzelle I made a month or so ago and dreaming about how perfect they'd be with a scoop of pink ice cream for a cute Valentine's Day treat.  Wouldn't it be fun to have an ice cream social with some friends, recalling bygone era of ice cream parlors?  (The last of the ice cream parlors here in  town closed down years ago....sigh.)


What kinds of pink ice cream flavors are out there these days?  There's always the classic strawberry, but then you could also go with peppermint.  Or cherry.  Oooh, I bet a sweet red bean ice cream would be really neat to try too...if only I could get my hands on some.  What would be your pink-colored ice cream of choice?

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Decisions, decisions.  Why not make up a batch of my pizzelle recipe here, gather a selection of different ice creams and sorbets, and get your own ice cream party going this Valentine's Day!  Get guests involved by having them shape their own pizzelle cups, or voting on their favorite pink icy treat.  On the other hand, if you prefer having things prepped well ahead of time, you'll be glad to know that these pizzelle keep beautifully in an air-tight container for several weeks.  Either way, you can't go wrong!

As an sweet ending note, hand your guests a little goodie bag of these fantastic Cupid's Cookies.  They'd be the perfect party favor, or even just a simple little something to show appreciation for friends and family this time of year.


the Junkie book said...

wow Valentines all over! wonderful what you posted...why did the ice cream parlors close?

Happy V!

erica said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Thoma! Not sure why the ice cream parlors closed--maybe big, decadent sundaes were no longer popular around here? Instead, we now have at least a dozen frozen yogurt shops, where you can buy froyo and toppings by weight--tasty and fun for what it is, but definitely lacking the elegant and relaxed atmosphere of ice cream parlors.

kyleen said...

I need to check the calendar more often... I almost overlooked the fact that it's Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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