29 July 2012

Blueberry Pizza: Inspiration from Korea

Korea has been an amazing place for food.  The local food, of course, is what has been the real treat, so I rarely eat at an international restaurant.  However, on the few occasions I've eaten Euro-American dishes here, it's been fun letting my conception of these dishes be stretched and expanded by the Korean culinary sensibilities.

Take this blueberry pizza, for example.  Delicious, Italian-style thin crust pizza, drizzled with a sweet salad dressing (in place of any sauce), a thin layer of melted mozzarella, then a lovely salad of micro greens on top, finished by a crown of soft cheese (which in taste and texture resembled a cross between ricotta and mascarpone) and fresh blueberries.

No recipe today, just a little inspiration from Italy via Korea.  ♥

What are some of your favorite Korean twists to non-Korean food?  I have yet to see this, but I think a spicy tomato-seafood spaghetti with some kind of kimchi (or maybe spicy dried radish muchim?) in the sauce would be a fantastic thing!


Anonymous said...

Aw... you look so cute! The most I've done is make meatballs with Asian twist or pasta w/soy sauce based flavoring, but if you come up with a recipe I'll try it.

Me said...

I love bibimbap! Haven't made it to Korea (yet!) but was in China last christmas and we tried mashed potatoes with blueberry sauce on top. I am sure it was mashed potatoes from a box and the sauce was obviously canned. It sounds gross I know but it was really good. I've been wanting to try it at home with real potatoes, but haven't gotten around to yet.

I am enjoying reading your travel foods! Thanks for sharing and keep em coming!

Safe travels!


erica said...

Thanks for the nice greetings, Soyon and Yosha! Those sound like really interesting ideas! The soy must add a nice complexity to the pasta sauce with its salty/sweet flavor...and wow, blueberry sauce on potatoes? I would never imagined such a combination--I am intrigued now!

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