07 July 2013

Another spaghetti ai frutti di mare

Pasta ai Frutti di Mare 1

Summer is here, and with this season in Korea come the summer rains.  I still haven't quite gotten used to the fact that rains here generally mean warmer temperatures, so when I look outside and see the rain falling and hear it spattering against the windows, I get in the mood for something warm, savory, and tomato-y.

One recent rainy day, I cooked this lovely dish for dinner.  I needed some good comfort food.  Yes I confess, I was missing home--I suppose I should qualify that as "home-in-Santa-Barbara"--and this fantastic tomato seafood sauce over spaghetti, finished with fresh parsley and a hint of crushed red pepper flakes, always does the trick for my tastebuds and for my heart.

Pasta ai Frutti di Mare 2


Can you tell that twirled pasta with seafood is a theme with me?  Try some of these recipes!
Linguine with seafood, fresh fennel, and tomatoes 
Spaghetti ai Carciofi con Scampi 
Linguine ai Frutti di Mare
Seafood alla Puttanesca on Capellini 


Susan Lindquist said...

Yum! Just looking out that window at the rain makes me want to sit down and tuck into something cozy and spicy warm! I'd be happy with your pasta and seafood!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica! I love pasta with seafood... probably my favorite way to eat pasta. I just recently made some with mussels and shrimp last week. On another note, I've been watching 1N2D a lot and so many shows where they are visiting some coastal town and eating the freshest looking seafood. Yesterday, I watched an episode where they ate king crabs that were caught that morning... have you watched any? It really makes me wish I could live there for a year and just visit all these places. Hope you're doing well!

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